What is the Cecchetti Method?

Enrico Cecchetti

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Enrico Cecchetti (1850-1928) was a dancer and pedagoge who developed the Cecchetti method, also known as the Italian method.  He was the first to ever codify and establish a system for training the professional dancer. 

He trained the best dancers of the day including: Anna Pavolva, Ninette De Valois, Agrippina Vaganova (Mother of Russian Ballet training), George Balanchine (Father of American Ballet) among many others. 

After his death, his students set out to create a society of teachers to pass along his knowledge to the next generation of dancers and teachers. 

Cecchetti USA

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At CCYB we are pleased to  offer classes in the Cecchetti Method through Cecchetti USA! We are the only studio in the West Los Angeles area to offer this training!  

The method offers progressive levels for training students from the beginner levels to the professional dancer. It has been developed to align with children's cognitive and physical development.

A number of professional ballet schools employ the Cecchetti method, including the Royal Ballet School, Rambert Ballet School, National Ballet School of Canada, and Australian Ballet School.

Why do Exams?

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Exams offer students the wonderful experience of being judged before an unbiased highly esteemed examiner from anywhere in the USA! 

We are so lucky to offer this opportunity to our students. These experiences teaches children how to act cool under pressure, builds confidence, and inspires their love for dance!

The exam experience is not stressful for children. They will be well prepared and will feel like this is a celebration of all their hard work! 

"I do not try to dance better than anyone else,  I only try to dance better than myself."

                        - Mikhail Baryshnikov