Studio Policies

ATTENDANCE: Excessive missed classes will result in students feeling lost and frustrated. We encourage students to make their commitment to attending their classes seriously as it is the best way to make improvements! Missed classes are not pro-rated, nor can they be made-up in other classes.

DANCE ATTIRE: It is essential for students to be in proper dance attire with a slick hairstyle while participating in class. See our Dance Code here

VALUABLES: CCYB is not responsible for stolen/lost belongings, so please ensure that personal items of value are left at home.

DROP OFF/PICKUP: Please ensure students are dropped off with adequate time for drinks, snacks, restroom use and putting shoes on. This will minimize classroom disruption. Please also ensure that your child is picked up within 15 minutes of the end of their class, afterwards it will cost $1 per minute. Students are required to stay in the building until a parent/guardian comes inside to take them home.

OBSERVATION: Parents are not permitted inside of the dance room unless invited by an instructor. This helps the instructor to maintain complete attention of the student, and negate any distraction that may be caused by family members and friends being in attendance. We understand the importance of seeing progress that your child is making, so official observation days will be scheduled throughout the year.

PRIVATE LESSONS: Privates are available and encouraged for students who want to obtain the best possible performance level. Please contact us for pricing.

HOLIDAYS: Please look at our calendar of events to see any days we may be closed. We follow all local school holidays. 

FOOD/BEVERAGE: food, gum, and beverages with the exception of water are allowed in classes.

MEDICAL INSURANCE: Culver City Youth Ballet does not carry medical insurance for its students. Students should provide their own insurance in case of injury.


a) No bullying will be tolerated. Instances of bullying, if reported or witnessed, will have consequences including and not limited to immediate dismissal from the school, tuition is forfeited in this case.

b) Please do not offer any dance or performance corrections for your child or anyone else’s child. If you can’t say anything nice, don't say anything. We do not build up our children by tearing down others.

PREMISES: Clean up after yourselves, and teach your children the same. The worst way to show respect is by leaving piles of trash for someone else to pick up. Disorganization is also an easy way to ruin costumes, shoes, or dance attire.

CHOREOGRAPHY: All choreography is the intellectual property of CCYB. Filming and posting to social media is strictly prohibited unless you have permission from staff and all the parents from the class.

COSTUMES: Costumes must be labeled with name (all pieces) and kept safe at home. Please be cautious and do not misplace pieces of the costume. Do not wear costumes when not performing or practicing in the studio.

Thank-you for following all of our policies