How to make a classical ballet bun

1) GATHER YOUR MATERIALS: Comb, Smoothing brush, Water squirt bottle or hair spray, Hair bands of matching hair colour, hair net of matching hair colour, ballet hair pins

2) COMB & SPRAY:  Make sure hair is free from knots. Add water and/or add hairspray/gel to smooth fly aways.

3) PONYTAIL: Gather hair at the crown of the head.

4) SMOOTH OUT BUMPS:  Hair should be slick with no bumps or fly aways.

5) TWIST & WRAP: Twist hair into a bun shape.

6) 1st PIN: put one pin into the bun press vertically then horizontally to lie flat against the scalp.  The pin MUST go through the hair elastic to be secure.

7) NET: wrap your net around the bun and shape the bun flat against the head. Have you child press their head back into your hand.

8) PIN OVER THE NET: Use ballet pins vertically pull the bun flatter then horizontally lay flat and insert into hair elastic to secure. Pin over the hair net. 

Other acceptable hairstyles include braids, pigtail buns, pigtail braided buns, french twists. We look forward to seeing you ballet hairstyles. Hair accessories are more than welcome! 

Feel free to request a bun demonstration should you have any questions!